Februar 28, 2024

Light star tattoo on wrist for girls

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Outline star tat on wrist

We think this wrist tattoo of a star outline is super cute and simple – the perfect formula for star tattoos for girls.

Light star tattoo on wrist for girls

Check out this girl’s tights, jacket and purse – it doesn’t look like she does anything halfway. But what about her wrist tattoo? The small tat is inked on her wrist and is a simple outline of a star tattooed in light black ink. You can see the girl’s star tattoo on her right wrist as she holds up her hand in a wave…or as she waves someone off.

You can find star tattoos on all kinds of people these days: girls, men, young people, old people. Since there are so many different types of star tattoos, it seems like this kind of tattoo design has something for everyone. And star tattoos look great pretty much anywhere, including the wrist, foot, back, arm and hip. So what do you think of this girl’s wrist tattoo of a light star outline?

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