April 19, 2024

Girl's big and small stars tattoo on side

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Simple stars tat on girl

This girl’s star tattoo includes a simple design with both large and small stars, inked from below her armpit to her hip.

Girl’s big and small stars tattoo on side

Star tattoos are really popular among men and women because they are relatively neutral tattoo designs and look great on both girls and guys. This girl’s stars tattoo consists of five large stars, which are only outlined in black, and three small stars, which are filled in in black. The star tattoo is pretty big and reaches from just below the girl’s right armpit, down to her right hip.

Star tattoos have always been one of the most common tattoos for men and women. The design actually dates back to a time when sailors got five-pointed stars inked on their arms. The stars represented the North Star, or nautical star, and were used for protection to return them home safely. Star tattoos can have a number of other meanings depending on the wearer. The Irish, for example, consider stars a symbol of good health.

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