Juni 21, 2024

Girl's small star tattoo on hip and stomach

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Tiny outline star tattoo

Discreet star tattoos like this girl’s black star tat on her stomach typically have an important meaning for the wearer.

Girl’s small star tattoo on hip and stomach

This girl’s small star tattoo is inked on the left side of her stomach, near her hip bone. The stomach tattoo includes a small star outline with another star inked inside of it, which is filled in with black. Although this star tattoo is tiny and hard to notice at first, it’s sure to mean something very important to this girl. Most tiny tattoos do.

One of the most common spots for star tattoos on girls is on the stomach or hip area, mostly because this location is both sexy and subtle. Because of the varying nature of star tattoos, this type of tattoo design can have a number of different meanings depending on the wearer. For example, a shooting star tattoo might signify reaching for the stars, or trying to achieve a particular goal, while a simple small star tattoo could even represent the birth of a child.

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