April 19, 2024

Three stars tattoo on girls face

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Girl’s face stars tattoo

Funky and fresh! This girl’s stars face tattoo goes great with her dyed hair, purple eye makeup and lip piercings.

Three stars tattoo on face

When you think of face tattoos, you don’t typically think of hot girls. But somehow, this girl pulls off a face tattoo of three stars, inked below the corner of her left eye. The face tattoo is inked in black outlining three stars of different sizes. Although a star tattoo on the face probably wouldn’t look great on most people, this girl pulls it off without any problem!

Even though this face tattoo definitely had to hurt like hell, this girl looks just tough enough to not care one bit. WIth her pretty purple, blue and blonde hair, multiple lip piercings, and exaggerated purple eye makeup, I’m guessing this girl does exactly what she pleases. What a bad ass star tattoo!

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