Mai 20, 2024

Star tattoo with circles

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Circles star tattoo

This simple black and white star tattoo design includes a five pointed star surrounded by ten circles outlined in black.

Star tattoo with circles

This star tattoo design is very simple and includes ten circles surrounding one five-pointed star. The circles and star tattoo is designed in black and white. Because of the way this star tattoo is designed, it almost looks like the circles could represent something (or several someones) surrounding one important person or significant event.

It’s interesting to note that this tattoo design features ten intersecting circles, mostly because ten is such an important number surrounded by much symbolism. As far as Pythagorus was concerned, the number ten was the symbol of the universe and it also expressed the whole of human knowledge. On the other hand, a religious star tattoo meaning with ten circles could represent the ten commandments or something to that effect.

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