Juni 21, 2024

Skull tattoo on waist with roses for girls

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Girl’s skull & rose tat

Large and very visible skull & rose tattoo inked in pink and purple colors on the right side of this girl’s waist.

Skull tattoo on waist with roses for girls

The skull in this girl’s tattoo is inked in black and white, but the hollows of the skull’s eyes and mouth have a tinge of purple to them. Alongside the open-mouthed skull image in this tattoo are large and small pink rose blossoms with tiny leaves extending behind the skull from all sides. This girl’s skull tattoo is inked on her right side, near her waist, and tat is pretty large.

One of the most popular designs for skull tattoos incorporates roses, just like in this girl’s waist tattoo. Skull tats are typically meant to symbolize death and decay, while roses often represent life and beauty. Because of this direct difference in meanings, roses are often used in skull tattoo designs to show the contrast between life and death.