Mai 22, 2022

Girl's sugar skull tattoo with star and roses

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Sugar skull side tat

Traditional sugar skull tattoo inked on a girl’s side, with roses, a diamond, a nautical star and a bird around the skull.

Girl’s sugar skull tattoo with star and roses

This girl has a sugar skull tattoo inked on her right side in green, purple and orange. The colorful sugar skull tattoo is inked in the traditional design of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration, and has a flower on the top of its head and one gold tooth. Surrounding the sugar skull are a nautical star, orange roses, a diamond, and a bird with an arrow in its chest.

Sugar skulls are an image commonly used during the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, often in the form of masks. In recent years, sugar skull tattoos have become increasingly more common among both men and girls, either as a tribute to a loved one lost, or just because they like the design. There are a number of elements in this sugar skull tattoo, all of which probably mean something important to the wearer.

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