April 14, 2021

Men's cover up koi tattoo in black and grey

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Men’s calf koi tattoo

This is a guy’s cover up koi tattoo that originally had a similar outline but was left unfilled except for 3 initials.

Men’s cover up koi tattoo in black and grey

This is a really well done cover up tattoo of an outline of a koi that had large initials filled in on the carp’s scales originally. The new tattoo has the fish entirely filled in dark green and black with grey shading on the face and accent waves. The fins and edges have white that adds light and detail to the shading. The tail of the fish is unusual because it was left unlined but it breaks up the dark cover up and personalizes the popular Japanese koi art style.

Covering up and redoing a tattoo is a great way to either freshen up a faded tattoo or rework one that is not right. Going darker is a good way to do this and this guy’s tattoo is a great example of this and also shows how to keep detail and add light in areas around the cover up.