Mai 20, 2024

Shoulder skull tattoo with rose for girls

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Sugar skull & rose tat

Sugar skull for girls inked on the shoulder, with purple and yellow roses and other tattoo designs in a full sleeve.

Shoulder skull tattoo with rose for girls

This girl’s skull tattoo is a traditional sugar skull with a purple rose in its mouth and another rose behind the skull. The tattoo is inked on the right shoulder, and the skull in the arm tattoo is very well-designed. There are a number of other tattoo designs on the girl’s arm, including a gramophone tat and a clock or watch.

Sugar skull tattoos are popular tattoo designs for men and girls alike. Sugar skull tattoo images typically depict a skull with flowers for eyes, such as in this girl’s shoulder tattoo, and usually portray colorful flowers in other places on the skull. Sugar skulls are traditionally used in a Mexican celebration called Dia de los Muertos – or the Day of the Dead.