Februar 28, 2024

Cool 3d art cross tattoo on arm

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Stormy 3D cross design

Shadowy 3D upright cross weathering a lightening storm with an open bible laying on the ground in colorful ink.

Cool 3D art cross tattoo on arm

Cross tattoos can stand-alone or be apart of a scene. This design has a 3D cross in greys and black at the center with a storm going on around it. Circle-like clouds in black and white frame the top with bright yellow and orange lightening bolts touching down. The ground is black, green, and white with brown bible opened.

To bring the scene together, there is a purple shaded background and an orange and red rising sun. An idea to personalize this design would be to add scripture on the pages of the book or a name on the cross.