Juli 18, 2024

Japanese koi tattoo with lotus on hip

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Colorful hip koi tattoo

The girl in this pic went all the way and had a huge koi tattoo inked in vibrant colors on her left hip. That had to hurt!

Japanese koi tattoo with lotus on hip

Many koi tattoos are inked in colorful designs like this girl’s hip tattoo, and the majority of koi tattoo designs include one or more lotus flowers. According to ancient myth, the koi fish were able to swim against the current and up a waterfall in order to transform into a dragon, which is their destiny. Similarly, the lotus flower grows at the bottom of murky lakes and streams, gradually moving upward towards the light until it breaks free of the water and blossoms into a beautiful flower.

This girl’s koi fish tattoo in particular is inked in brilliant colors, creating a beautiful koi tattoo design. The koi fish in this tat is mostly orange in color, with small sections inked in black. The koi fish is depicted swimming in the water, presumably upstream, and is surrounded by three beautiful purple lotus flowers. This koi tattoo is pretty large and is inked on this girl’s left hip.