Juni 21, 2024

Mens colorful zinnia flower tattoo on shoulder

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Guys shoulder flowers

Two big symmetrical zinnia flower blooms in red, yellow, blue, and orange surrounded by black leaves tattoo on a man.

Mens colorful zinnia flower tattoo on shoulder

Flower tattoos aren’t just for girls. This design fits around a guy’s shoulder and goes onto his back and arm a bit. The zinnia flowers have rows and rows of petals that fade from yellow to red and the other fades from blue to yellow. There is also a side view of a flower bud up toward his neck in red and black.

The white outlining on the inside of the thin black outline of the design really makes the colors of the flowers stand out. The big black leaves that are tucked all around the blooms give this flower tattoo design a masculine look. For more color, these leaves would look great in deep blues and greens as well.