Juni 21, 2024

Girl's chest heart tattoo with flaming cross

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Flaming heart tattoo

Among several other body tattoos, this girl has a heart tat inked on her chest with a flaming cross and barbed wire.

Girl’s chest heart tattoo with flaming cross

It’s obvious that this girl loves tattoos and isn’t afraid to put them right out there in the open. The most prominent body tattoo she has, besides her arm sleeves, is a heart tattoo inked on her chest right between her breasts. The heart tattoo includes an almost animated-looking red heart with an opening at the top, out of which flames are spurting. In addition to the flaming heart, the chest tat also includes a cross and is surrounded by barbed wire.

This girl certainly doesn’t look like she is messing around. Whether her chest tattoo hurt or not, since it’s inked right on her chest bone, the heart tat definitely makes a statement. Flaming heart tattoos often represent the Sacred Heart, which in Christianity is considered one of the most famous religious devotions to Jesus’ physical heart as a symbol of His divine love for humanity.