Juni 21, 2024

Ankle and foot maori tattoo for men

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Black maori ankle tat

Simple ankle tattoo inked in the Maori style of tattooing with a sun-like image tattooed in black on the back of the leg.

Ankle and foot maori tattoo for men

While some Maori tattoos are very intricately designed, this particular ankle tattoo is very simple, even though it’s pretty large. Inked with thick black sections and ample open space, the ankle tat looks less like a tribal tattoo than other more ornate patterns. The ankle tat continues onto the back of this man’s calf, featuring a partially-visible image that looks like a sun.

This bold lines in this Maori tattoo really make it stand out against the wearer’s skin, which is common for tribal tats since they were traditionally meant to denote the individual’s status within his tribe. Today, even though Maori tattoos aren’t necessary intended to represent social status, authentic Maori and tribal tats are typically associated with the wearer’s culture or background.