Juni 21, 2024

Flower Tattoo on Biker Chick

Colorful flower arm tattoo

These matching colored flower tattoo images are tastefully inked on the forearms of a beautiful blonde biker chick.

Flower tattoo on biker chick

These colorful flower tattoos are inked in blue and red and located on the underside of this woman’s left and right forearms. The tattoos are exactly the same in size and shape, but are colored differently, which could give them each a unique meaning. These flower arm tattoos really stand out, since the woman’s other tattoos are not as colorful and don’t make as much of a statement.

The popularity of flower tattoos may actually stem from Roman mythology, in which Flora was a goddess associated with spring. Flower tattoo designs are also popular because they represent vitality, youth and new life, which are universal things most people wish to attain. Traditionally, red flowers symbolize vitality, while blue flowers stand for devotion and sometimes secrecy. Lotus flower tattoos and hibiscus flower tattoos are some of the most common flower tattoo ideas for women, and even men, today.

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