Mai 20, 2024

Dragon w/ Chinese Writing

Chinese style dragon on arm

This dragon arm tattoo shows a traditional Chinese dragon inked in black and white on the upper arm, near the shoulder.

Dragon with chinese writing

This black and white dragon tattoo portrays a traditional Chinese style dragon image, accompanied by Chinese letters which fall between the dragon’s wide open mouth and his tail. Many dragon arm tattoos make up only one portion of an elaborate sleeve or half-sleeve, incorporating other tattoo designs into the big picture. This Chinese dragon tattoo in particular is on its own, 

The dragon is one of the most popular mythological creatures and is often chosen as the theme of tattoo designs. A dragon tattoo design may portray a dragon with wings or without, and may be fire-breathing or not. The image in this black dragon tattoo does have wings and his mouth is open, but he is not breathing fire. The arm tattoo makes a unique and powerful personal statement for the wearer, likely meant to represent freedom and strength.