Mai 20, 2024

Forearm Chinese Dragon Tattoo

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Chinese dragon & rider

This forearm dragon tattoo depicts a Chinese style black dragon with an Asian woman riding on his back.

Forearm chinese dragon tattoo

This especially detailed forearm tattoo depicts a red, yellow and black dragon image with a female rider. The dragon has wings and is inked in the traditional Chinese dragon design, although the woman seated on his back makes this tattoo particularly unique. The rider depicted in this dragon tattoo may represent the “dragon lady,” which is a popular theme in Chinese culture and symbolizes aggression, sexuality and cunning in East Asian women.

The wide variety of possible dragon tattoos makes this type of tattoo design especially popular among any age group. Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos in the world, and can be found on men and women alike. Men may choose fierce, fire-breathing dragon tattoos that symbolize power and strength, while women may prefer to get inked with a more peaceful dragon tattoo that represent grace, elegance and freedom.