Juli 18, 2024

Black drawing of japanese koi fish tattoo

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Koi tat w/ japanese sign

The koi, Japanese for carp, is a type of fish surrounded by ancient myth. This tat design depicts a Japanese koi fish.

Black drawing of japanese koi fish tattoo

Although carp are fairly common fish, often found in ponds and fountains, the fact that these beautiful fish hold such a deep meaning in Japanese and Chinese cultures makes them very important image to use in tattoo designs. This koi tattoo drawing depicts a koi fish inked in black and white, accompanied by a Japanese symbol, also inked in black.

Legend has it that koi fish are able to swim upstream against the current, and even own the strength to swim up waterfalls. According to ancient Chinese myths, the koi did just that, in order to fulfill their destiny and transform into dragons. Today, koi tattoos are one of the most common tattoo ideas for men and girls alike, and can be found in a variety of colors and designs.