Mai 20, 2024

Maori chest tribal tattoo for men

Moari tribal tat on chest

Chest tribal tattoos like this one are popular among men who appreciate the history and aesthetics of tribal tattoos.

Maori chest tribal tattoo for men

This chest tribal tattoo is really interesting because it uses lines of varying thickness and a number of different designs to really catch the eye. This black tribal tattoo is located on this guy’s left chest, and extends up onto his left shoulder. Although the tribal tat is fairly large, it is also spread out, which makes it look less complex and more pleasing to the eye.

Tribal tattoos for men come in all shapes and forms. This chest tribal tattoo in particular is inked in a circular shape, which follows the curve of the guy’s left peck. It’s a big commitment to get a tat that is this large. I’m not sure what the tribal tat actually means, if anything, but it sure looks cool!