Mai 20, 2024

Smokin girl w/ shoulder skull and cat

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Shoulder skull and cat tats

Nice black and white of a girl smokin in the tub with a winged skull and sword-wielding cat on her shoulder.

Smokin Girl w/ shoudler winged skull and cat

These are some crazy tattoos on this brunette girl smoking a ciggy in the tub.  The ying yang like swirls on her right wrist are pretty cool and stand out very much in this picture. But the props have to go to the shoulder tattoos this girl is sporting.

First, a winged skull tattoo with glowing eyes is located on her left shoulder with some roses below.  From what we gather, the cat tattoo below it is representing some sort of sword wielding, cloaked, winged, arch-angel type of heavenly feline. Maybe this guardian angel type of cat is her guardian angel, protecting her from all of the splashy water demons in the tub that try to put her cigarette out.  Get ’em angel cat!  Whatever the story, this girl has some really cool tattoos and is certainly easy to look at.