Juli 18, 2024

Melanesian forearm tribal tattoo for women

Girl’s tribal tat on arm

Melanesian tribal tattoos like this girl’s forearm tat are very unique and are often interesting tribal tattoo designs.

Melanesian forearm tribal tattoo for women

This girl’s forearm tribal tattoo begins just above her elbow on her left arm and extends all the way down the inside of her arm to her wrist. The tribal tat is inked in black and consists of a small, two-line band on her upper arm and an almost monument-shaped strip reaching down her arm, with white crosses and diamonds creating a symmetrical design.

Melanesian tribal tattoos are recognizable by their unique geometric motifs and often abstract depictions of everyday objects. This tribal tattoo in particular is inspired by the culture of the people of Melanesia, who have their own distinctive method of tattooing. This girl’s forearm tattoo looks very tribal and is actually quite attractive.