Juni 21, 2024

Upper back eagle tribal tattoo

Eagle tribal tat on back

One of the most common tribal tattoo designs includes an eagle image. This tribal tat covers this guy’s upper back.

Upper back eagle tribal tattoo

Eagles are a popular image for tribal tattoos for men because the animal symbolizes loyalty, honor and strength. This back tattoo is inked in black and white and includes an eagle with his wings spread and talons out. The tribal tat extends from the bottom of this guy’s neck to his mid-back, and the eagle’s wingspan covers from his left shoulder to his right shoulder.

Many guys get tribal tattoos inked on their back, chest or arm because the symbols look cool, but these types of tattoo designs also hold significant meanings. In some cultures, the eagle represents the sun, and in others, freedom. Tribal tattoo meanings and designs can differ for each wearer, from traditional tribal tattoos to the latest trend in graphic body art.