April 19, 2024

Wave tribal tattoo on upper arm and chest

Arm tribal tat with face

This guy’s tribal tattoo includes a woman’s face with blue waves and a skull image, inked on his upper arm and chest.

Wave tribal tattoo on upper arm and chest

This tribal tattoo is unique because it doesn’t necessarily depict a traditional tribal tattoo design. The tat uses black and white images along with blue and green hues to create a calming effect in this arm and chest tattoo. The tattoo begins on his left arm with the face of a woman whose skull is visible inside her face. Above her, blue waves are inked on the guy’s left shoulder, along with what looks like a hole looking into his heart or soul.

Because this tribal tattoo strays away from the tradtional tribal tattoo design most men choose to get inked on their bodies, the chest and arm tat definitely stands out from the rest. The most obvious difference is the use of color in this tat, compared to the black and white tribal tattoos you usually see. In an interesting tattoo image, this guy has micmicked what it would be like to look into his heart and soul.