März 25, 2023

Manta ray tribal tattoo on side

Black ray tribal tattoo

This manta ray tat is inked in a tribal design on this person’s side. The ray tribal tattoo is unique and interesting.

Manta ray tribal tattoo on side

Manta rays are an uncommon tattoo design, which makes this manta ray tribal tattoo especially cool. The manta extends from just below this person’s shoulder blade, around their side to their right hip, where the tail ends. The manta ray in the tribal tattoo is inked in black and white and has a diamond design down its back.

Manta rays belong to the same family as the shark and have the same graceful way of moving through the water. Even though mantas are considered graceful and agile, many rays have a poisoned sting at the end of their tails that is very dangerous, which makes them much more powerful than they look.