Februar 28, 2024

Red flower tribal tattoo

Tribal tat with flower

Tribal tattoos with flowers are popular tattoos designs for women. This tribal tat is inked with a red flower around it.

Red flower tribal tattoo

Getting inked with more feminine images like flowers and stars is a great way for women to make tribal tattoos look more girly while sticking with the traditional tribal tattoo design. This girl’s tribal tattoo is inked in black on the inside of her forearm and includes a curved tribal design with two red and green flowers entwined in the tat.

Girls with tribal tattoos usually get the tats inked on their lower backs or shoulders, because these locations seem more feminine for some reason. (You’re not likely to find a tough guy with a lower back tribal tattoo). However, this girl’s forearm tribal tattoo looks pretty cool without looking masculine. I’d say it gets the job done.

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