Mai 20, 2024

Turtle tribal tattoo on neck

Small turtle tribal tat

Turtles make cute tribal tattoos for women. This charming turtle tat is small and is inked in black on this girl’s neck.

Turtle tribal tattoo on neck

Turtles are a popular tribal tattoo design for women because the sea creatures have come to be known as a symbol of peace and inner reflection. This girl’s turtle tribal tat is inked in black and white on the back of her neck, below her right ear. The turtle neck tattoo is small and the turtle’s body is intersected by a single curved line, which creates a design like a yin-yang symbol.

Many native cultures have a deep respect for the turtle, and therefore incorporate the creature into their tribal tattoos. Hawaiians in particular have a profound love for turtles, which is evident in their stories, legends, myths and Hawaiian tribal tattoos. Turtles are believed to symbolize good fortune and peace, which makes them a great image to use in a tribal tattoo design.