April 19, 2024

Flower tribal tattoo on neck and face

Girl’s flower tribal tat

This girl really went for it and got a flower tribal tattoo inked not only on her shoulder and neck, but also on her face.

Flower tribal tattoo on neck and face

This girl’s tribal tattoo is especially unique because the tail end of the tat reaches onto the side of her face. The tattoo includes an image of a flower in a design that makes it almost look like a shooting star, with a tribal design as the tail. The tattoo begins on the right side of her face near her ear, and extends down her neck and across the top of her right shoulder. The flower tribal tat is inked in black.

Tribal tattoos with flowers are interesting because they aren’t only common among women. Men also like to get flower tribal tattoos inked on their bodies, especially if the tattoo design is Polynesian. This girl’s flower tribal tattoo could represent something as simple as beauty, or could stand for something much more personal, such as a memorial to a loved one.