Juni 21, 2024

Chest tribal tattoo for men

Black tribal tat on chest

Is it just me, or is this dude wearing half a bra? This guy’s black chest tribal tattoo design looks crazy traditional.

Tribal chest tattoos for men

Getting a huge tribal tattoo inked on your chest is kind of a big decision. This guy definitely should have thought it through. His large chest tribal tattoo reaches from his upper right arm, onto his shoulder, and all the way across his chest to end just before his left shoulder. Because the tat follows the shape of his right peck, it looks like this manly tribal man is wearing a bra.

Tribal tattoos are becoming way too common among men who just get inked because they think it makes them look cool. Throughout history, tribal tattoos have held very important meanings for the wearer, whether they symbolized heritage, religion or spirituality. Getting inked with a tribal tattoo without knowing its true meaning is just like getting a tat in another language without knowing what it REALLY says.