Juni 21, 2024

Leg band tribal tattoo

Palms tribal tat on leg

At least this tribal tattoo seems to have some meaning. The leg tat includes two palm trees and different wave designs.

Leg band tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos inked in a band like this one are popular tattoo designs for men, although they are more commonly found on the arm than on the leg. This guy’s leg tribal tattoo is inked in black across his shin and calf, located just below his knee. Getting a tat on your shin has to be pretty painful. Hopefully this tribal tattoo was worth it!

Tattoo designs, especially tribal tattoos, have been around for ages, and are commonly used as an expression of individuality and freedom. Most tattoos are associated with traditions that mark the wearer as a member of a certain group, or to represent religious,spiritual or magical beliefs. Despite the meaningful history of tribal tattoos, many tattoo designs for men are simply part of a growing trend.