Juni 21, 2024

Hawaiian shoulder tribal tattoo

Tribal tat on shoulder

This guy got a tribal tattoo inked on his shoulder in the traditional Hawaiian tattoo style. The shoulder tat is inked in black and white.

Hawaiian shoulder tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos have a long history in Hawaii, as the natives practiced tattooing as part of an honored ritual. Traditionally, the most tattooed members of the tribe were considered the royal family, followed by court officials, and then by members of the royal family linked by marriage. Hawaiian tribal tattoos are traditionally monochromatic and inked using geometric shapes and designs.

This man’s Hawaiian tribal tattoo follows this pattern and is also surrounded by several other tattoos that look somewhat tribal. Some of the most common Hawaiian tattoo symbols included animals and natural objects that tribe members treasured, including waves, stones, turtles, fish, sharks, birds, the rain, and the sun. This guy’s shoulder tattoo looks like it could symbolize a tribal turtle.