Juni 21, 2024

Girl's upper back lotus tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoo with lotus

The lotus flower in this photo is part of a pink and black tribal tattoo. The tribal tat is inked on her upper back.

Girl’s upper back lotus tribal tattoo

This girl’s tribal tattoo includes a pink lotus flower and a black swirly tribal design below it. The black part of the back tribal tattoo seems to represent the lotus flower’s ascent towards the light. The lotus flower tribal tattoo is located on this girl’s upper back, right between her shoulder blades.

The lotus flower is a popular tattoo design for girls because the sacred flower represents purity and divine beauty. The lotus has its roots in the mud and muck, but it grows upward through the murky water and emerges into the light a stunning flower. For this reason, many girls choose to get lotus flowers inked on their bodies as part of tribal tattoo designs.

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