Juni 21, 2024

Girl's black tribal tattoo on arm

Girl’s arm tribal tattoo

The traditional black tribal tattoo in this pic is intricately inked on the outside of this girl’s right forearm.

Girl’s black tribal tattoo on arm

Some tribal tattoos end up looking out of place on women’s bodies because of the traditionally severe lines and masculine tribal tattoo designs. This girl’s arm tribal tattoo however, is very sexy and edgy, and suits her rather well. The black tribal tattoo reaches from her right wrist up to just below her elbow, and even though the tat is large, it looks very feminine.

Tribal tattoos for women are often inked on the lower back or shoulder; girls rarely get tribal tats inked in more obvious places like on the arm. However, this girl’s arm tribal tattoo is very visible and looks really authentic, which makes it even cooler. This girl gets an A+ for originality and guts!