Juni 21, 2024

Girl back flower tribal tattoo

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Lotus tribal back tattoo

This girl’s large back tribal tattoo consists of two lotus flowers and black tribal symbols extending down her back.

Girl back flower tribal tattoo

Full-back tribal tattoos are typically more popular among men, but this girl has a large black, purple and pink tribal tat inked on her back, all the way from her butt to the base of her neck. There are two lotus flowers in this tribal tattoo. The flower at the bottom is in full bloom, but the flower at the top is closed and is losing its petals.

Lotus flowers traditionally represent purity, and are a symbol of divine beauty. Although the stunning lotus has its root in the mud, it emerges from the murky bottom of a pond towards the light and blooms into a beautiful flower. Tribal tattoos also typically stand for something that is very personal for the wearer. This girl’s tribal back tattoo with lotus flowers could represent faith or spiritualism.