Juni 21, 2024

Lotus flower tribal tattoo on chest

Guy’s lotus tribal tattoo

Large tattoos of flowers are not all that common among men. This black and white lotus tribal tattoo is very unique.

Lotus flower tribal tattoo on chest

It’s hard to imagine something hurting worse than getting a huge tribal tattoo inked on your chest. This guy really went all the way and had a lotus flower tattooed on his chest, taking up a large part of the area between the base of his neck and pecs. The chest tattoo is inked in black and white, and is very large and designed in a simple manner.

The lotus flower is a very distinctive tattoo which holds a much deeper meaning than just being a simple flower. The lotus emerges from the murky depths of the pond where it lives to break into the light as a beautiful flower, representing purity and new beginnings. Because of this significant meaning, lotus flower tattoos have become extremely popular tribal tattoo designs, especially among women.