Februar 28, 2024

Black sun forearm tribal tattoo

World egg tribal tattoo

This guy’s forearm tribal tattoo depicts a black sun rising over what is known by many civilizations as the “world egg.”

Black sun forearm tribal tattoo

The tribal tattoo image in this photo includes a picture of a colorful egg balancing on a type of pedestal, with a black sun peeking out from the top of the egg. The egg is inked in a black, red and yellow tribal pattern, and the sun is inked in black and white. The tribal tat takes up a large part of this guy’s forearm, reaching from the inner part of his elbow almost to his wrist.

A world egg, or cosmic egg, is a mythological concept common among many cultures and has even been linked to Sanskrit scriptures. According to ancient myth, the world egg is a beginning, and the universe comes into being by hatching from this egg. Tribal tattoos for men like this one often draw their inspiration from ancient cultures.