Dezember 5, 2023

Back and shoulder tribal tattoo with wave & sun

Girl’s half back tattoo

This girl’s back tribal tattoo is very interesting and unique. The two main images in the tat include a wave and the sun.

Back and shoulder tribal tattoo with wave & sun

In a super distinctive tribal tattoo, this girl had half of her back inked in a tribal design that forms the sun and a wave. The tattoo covers only the left half of the girl’s back, and extends up onto her neck and ends behind her left ear. The tribal tat as a whole is pretty large, and the entire thing is inked in black and white.

Some tribal tattoos for women end up making the wearer look scary or less feminine. This back and shoulder tattoo includes a very unique tribal design, but doesn’t compromise the wearer’s sexiness. It might look strange at first that only half of her back is tattooed, but the asymmetry actually makes the tribal tat even more interesting. This girl gets mad points for originality and style.