Juni 21, 2024

Black tribal tattoo on back

Girl’s back tribal tat

This girl’s back tattoo is a tribal design that extends from just below her neck all the way down her back to her waist.

Black tribal tattoo on back

This intense tribal tattoo is a simple black tribal design that covers a large portion of this girl’s back. The tat begins in a U-shape right between the top of her shoulder blades and continues in several lines down her back, splitting off and reaching out to her sides. The ends of the back tattoo curl around just above her butt.

The girl in this photo clearly loves body tattoos. She has another tribal tattoo design inked in black on her left forearm and a small black tat inked on her back just above this large tribal tattoo. She also has an intricate full sleeve inked in color on her right arm. Since we can only see from her butt up, I would venture a guess that she has several other tats inked on her body.