Juli 18, 2024

Small foot star tattoo and swirl

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Stars and swirls on feet

This colorful foot tattoo includes a variety of different stars accompanied by swirls of varying designs.

Small foot star tattoo and swirl

Foot tattoos are cute but they look so painful! This girl had a string of six stars inked on her right foot in pink, orange and blue. Intertwined with these stars are several swirl designs and what looks like their shadows, inked in black solid and dotted lines. On her left foot, this girl had a series of tiny stars inked in blue, connected by a dotted black line.

Star tattoos are cool because they can be designed in different ways to look either masculine or feminine, depending on the wearer. This girl’s star foot tattoos are definitely feminine, mostly because they are small and very colorful. The girl in this photo probably endured a lot of pain to get these tats inked on her foot, so let’s take a vote. I think they’re cute! What do you think?