Juni 21, 2024

Red and yellow cowboy skull tattoo

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Skull tat with cowboy hat

Skull tattoo idea with a twist! This skull tat features red and yellow colors and shows a skull wearing a cowboy hat.

Red and yellow cowboy skull tattoo

If you’re thinking about getting a skull tattoo, but you’re also a wanna-be cowboy, this tattoo design could be perfect for you! The traditional skull image in this tat is accompanied by unique designs, including red inked in the hollows of the eyes and nose, a yellow tooth, red and yellow in the background, and a cowboy hat with a red and yellow band around it.

Believe it or not, cowboy skull tattoos are actually a pretty popular tattoo design, and are often inked on the bodies of cowboys, rodeo cowboys, or even everyday people who are drawn to the Wild West. This Southwestern skull and bones tattoo would be a good option for any of these people, as it includes a traditional skull image, a cowboy hat and red and yellow – two colors commonly found in the Southwest.