Juni 21, 2024

Girly mexican sugar skull tattoo on legs

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Male & female sugar skulls

Dual sugar skull tattoos on a girl’s legs, one representing a woman and one representing a man with a mustache.

Girly mexican sugar skull tattoo on legs

This girl opted for two sugar skull tattoos, one of the back of each of her legs. The Mexican skull tattoo on the left is inked in girly colors – orange and pink – and is meant to look like a female, while the Mexican skull tat on the right is inked in more masculine colors – green and blue – and is meant to be a male. Although both sugar skull tats feature flowers in their design, the tat on the right leg includes a mustache, so you know it’s a man!

Even though sugar skull tattoos traditionally use girly patterns and colors in their design, the Mexican skull tattoos are just as popular for men as they are for girls. According to Mexican tradition, sugar skulls represent masks used during the “Day of the Dead,” a holiday that celebrates those people that have passed away. These leg tattoos could be meant to symbolize two people who passed away, or they could just be for fun!