Juni 8, 2023

Sugar skull tattoo on arm with heart

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Large arm sugar skull tat

Large traditional sugar skull tattoo featuring a heart and flowers inked on the outside of this man’s left forearm.

Sugar skull tattoo on arm with heart

This man’s sugar skull tat is inked on his forearm in the traditional Mexican “Day of the Dead” design. The Mexican skull tattoo features a large pink heart in the middle of the skull’s head, with an upside-down heart for a nose. The skull is also surrounded by flowers and leaves, and the design is large enough to take up the majority of his forearm, from his elbow almost to his wrist.

Sugar skull tattoos are becoming more and more popular among men and girls, mostly because they are a fun and distinctive means of celebrating the life of a loved one that has passed away. This man’s arm tattoo is very nicely designed and, even though it isn’t as colorful as many sugar skull tats, the meaning of the Mexican skull tattoo is still important.