Juni 21, 2024

Pirate skull and crossbones tattoo with diamond on arm

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Skull & crossbones tat

Large green skull and crossbones tattoo with a pirate’s eye patch and diamond on the inside of this man’s arm.

Pirate skull and crossbones tattoo with diamond on arm

This guy’s arm is all inked up, with a huge green skull and bones tattoo right above a tattoo tribute to the Grateful Dead. The skull tattoo design features a mean-looking pirate-like skull with no lower jaw, a black eye patch over one eye, and a diamond right in the middle of the eye patch. One of the skull’s teeth is colored in gold and one tooth is missing.

Skull and crossbones tattoos for men are pretty popular, and can mean a variety of different things depending on the wearer. The skull and crossbones symbol traditionally stands for something dangerous or toxic, and some possible meanings of a skull tattoo with crossbones include death, danger, rebellion or a symbol of the wearer’s “toughness.”