Juli 18, 2024

Leg and calf swirl maori tattoo for men

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Abstract maori tat on leg

Maori leg tattoo inked on a man’s calf with swirl patterns and an abstract design that looks like a dragon or the devil.

Leg and calf swirl maori tattoo for men

When this man chose his Maori tattoo design, he must have asked for it to look like an abstract design of some kind of creature. Because of the patterns used in the Maori tat, and because of the overall shape, this leg tattoo looks almost like it could be meant to represent an image of a dragon or even the devil. The Maori tat is inked in black and white on this man’s right calf.

Because the Maori people of New Zealand were traditionally very close with nature, the swirl design at the top of this leg tattoo could represent the popular Koru – or spiral – symbol. The Koru image stands for the unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes new beginnings in life. The rest of this Maori tattoo is interesting, because it’s not entirely clear what the design below is meant to represent. Dragon tattoos are very popular tribal symbols, so it’s likely that the abstract image is a dragon.