Juli 18, 2024

Ankle Swirling Butterflies Tattoo

Butterfly ankle tattoo

Getting a tat on your ankle sounds painful. This girl must have thought these purple butterflies were well worth it.

Ankle swirling butterflies tattoo

The butterfly tattoo inked on this girl’s ankle is cute and relatively simple, although the stars and swirls may have been a little overboard. The larger butterfly in the tat is located on the front of her right ankle, almost on the top of her foot, and the smaller is inked just above her ankle bone. In between the two butterflies are some black and purple swirly things and a bunch of stars and dots.

Butterfly tattoos are supposed to represent femininity and rebirth, although some girls go above and beyond what could be considered a simple, feminine butterfly tattoo design. Then butterfly tattoos merely represent the girl’s need for attention and a hefty tattoo parlor bill. When it comes to butterfly tattoo images, keep the old saying in mind…”Less is more.”