September 30, 2023

Back koi tattoo and flowers for girls with cover up

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Colorful koi tat on back

This koi tat is beautifully inked in bright colors on this girl’s back. The back tat includes an orange koi and flowers.

Back koi tattoo and flowers for girls with cover up

Large koi fish tattoos like this girl’s back tat are common, since koi fish are such a respected and revered creature. This girl’s koi tattoo reaches from her right shoulder almost to her mid-back, and features a large orange koi swimming in water, as well as three flowers, inked in blue, pink and purple. It’s hard to tell if the carp in this tattoo idea is swimming upstream or downstream.

Although you would think that a fish tattoo would be more popular among men, girls also love getting koi tats inked on their bodies. Because koi fish can be found in such beautiful and vivid colors, the creatures make a fish tattoo actually look feminine and pretty. Many girls who get koi tattoos also include flowers in the tat, just like this girl did. Even though the tat situated next to the koi tattoo is covered up, we’re sure the two back tats look great next to one another.