Mai 20, 2024

Wrist heart tattoo with the word free

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Free heart tattoo

We love this heart tat! Simple and cute, this “free” heart tattoo is one of the best heart tattoos for girls out there.

Wrist heart tattoo with the word free

Unique heart tattoo designs, like this girl’s wrist tattoo, are sometimes hard to come by. This girl chose a heart tattoo that incorporates the word “free” into the left side of the image, written in simple black script. The entire heart tattoo itself is inked in black and the heart is merely an outline. The heart tat is located in a relatively discreet area, on the underside of this girl’s wrist.

One of the great things about heart tattoos is that they can have so many different meanings depending on the wearer. It’s obvious just by looking at this heart tattoo design that the word “free” means something important to this girl. The wrist tattoo could stand for something in particular that happened in her life, or could just be a celebration of freedom in general.