April 19, 2024

Small wrist heart tattoo with beat

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Heart rate wrist tattoo

This cute little heart tattoo portrays a heart rate monitor on this girl’s wrist, complete with a tiny heart blip.

Small wrist heart tattoo with beat

Simple heart tattoos are all the rage for girls these days, and usually consist of a small heart tat inked on the inside of the wrist. This girl opted for a more distinctive heart tattoo, reminiscent of the heart rate monitors you would find in a hospital. The small wrist tattoo includes a heart beat with a tiny little heart in the middle. The heart tat is inked in black on the inside of this girl’s wrist.

Even though we don’t know the motivation behind this girl’s heart tattoo, we still think it’s pretty sweet! Maybe she wanted a heart tat but didn’t want it to look like everyone else’s. Or maybe she needed a permanent reminder of where she should check her pulse. Either way, this girl gets a thumbs up for originality and style!