April 19, 2024

Small outline heart tattoo stitched on wrist

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Black stitched heart tat

You gotta love this unique wrist heart tattoo. Good thing she tucked that needle into her skin for safe keeping!

Small outline heart tattoo stitched on wrist

It’s great when you see a heart tattoo that is truly unique. This girl must really have a thing for sewing, because she inked a heart tattoo on her wrist that looks like it was stitched there. This wrist tat is super cute and definitely says a little something about the wearer. More heart tattoos should be designed in unique ways, like this one was.

Most people say that heart tattoos are meant to represent love, passion, friendship, or even lost love. However, this girl’s heart tattoo design seems to symbolize something different – perhaps this girl’s own personal love, for her life or for how she lives her life. Or I could be looking way too deep into this…maybe she just loves to sew!