Juni 21, 2024

Men's outline heart tattoo on hand with words

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Red heart tat with text

Who knew men liked to get human hearts inked on their hands? This man’s heart tattoo also imparts some words of wisdom.

Men’s outline heart tattoo on hand with words

Human heart tattoos are becoming more and more popular lately, especially among men who opt for real heart tats on the backs of their hands. This man had a red outline of a human heart inked on the back of his left hand, along with the words “choose not a life of imitation,” which is inked in black capital letters.

Perhaps real heart tattoos are becoming more common because people think that they mean more than tattoos depicting the well-known, but perhaps slightly overused, heart shape. Or maybe real hearts are just the masculine version of the somewhat girly heart tattoo designs you see these days. Regardless of the meaning behind human heart tats, they definitely make a bold statement!