Juni 21, 2024

Tiny black heart tattoo outline on wrist for girls

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Girl’s small wrist tat

The simple heart tattoo will never go out of style! This girl’s small wrist tattoo is super cute and classy at the same time.

Tiny black heart tattoo outline on wrist for girls

Even though some of the large heart tattoos for girls these days are pretty cool, the tiny heart tat on the wrist is a definitely a mainstay of feminine heart tattoos. This girl got a small heart outline inked in black on her left wrist, which would hardly be noticeable unless you knew about it. Simple heart tattoos like this girl’s are both flirty and elegant.

Heart tattoos have been around for ages and heart tattoo meanings can vary greatly, from a symbol of true love to love lost and sometimes even hearts inked as lockets. Because tiny heart tattoos like the one in this photo have so little detail, it sometimes makes it hard to determine what they could mean. However, this makes small heart tattoos even cooler, because it adds a little mystery!